It's looking like Fall thanks to Summit Academy!


Members of the upper class from Summit Academy visited the Brisben Center recently and decorated all of the tables in the common area for the fall. Led by dean of academics, Mr. Looby, the group made festive centerpieces for the residents to enjoy while eating their meals. They also decorated some of Brisben's windows and walls for the fall. The group followed this activity with a tour of the facility and learned information about Brisben's mission. We all had a great day with Summit Academy!

Noah & Troop 26 collect, deliver supplies


Noah and Boy Scout Troop 26 conducted a successful donation drive to benefit the Brisben Center!  Supported by his parents and Scout leader Joe, Noah and his fellow Scouts set up outside the new Wal-Mart on 610 in Stafford and collected items all day long on a recent Saturday. Noah coordinated and executed the entire project to help him become an Eagle Scout. Thank you to Noah and all that participated with the Boy Scouts.

Paragon Parents Association: Brisben's newest Partner!


The Brisben Center is excited to welcome the Paragon Parents Association as a new Community Partner. This association has contributed to Brisben's residents and supported the Center in many different ways, including sponsoring drives for supplies and items like pillows.

The group also decorated Brisben's entire facility indoors for spring, treated the children to special craft projects and, most recently, picked up fresh produce at the Spotsylvania Farmers Market.

We are very grateful for the partnership with this generous association!

Paragon Gymnasts Deliver Produce

Gymnasts from Paragon Gym for Kids picked up and delivered fresh produce from Spotsylvania Farmers Market on a recent Saturday. Brisben's residents have really enjoyed the fresh fruit and produce provided by the generous vendors since June. Thank you to all of the volunteers who pick the products up and deliver them to the Center. Thank you, Paragon!


Three Cheers for Cheer Fusion!

Cheer Fusion All Stars, with their leader Catanaconducted a donation drive for Brisben's children. The group delivered a variety of outdoor toys, including two brand-new bikes (!), on Aug. 5.  While they were here, the group also hosted an ice cream social for Brisben's residents. Everyone enjoyed the special event! 

Lifepoint Paints the Town Red at Brisben!

Lifepoint Church chose The Brisben Center for its Anchor Project during the 2017 Paint the Town Red community outreach program. 

On July 28 & 29, more than 200 church members helped to totally refurbish Brisben's eight family rooms. They stripped the floors; and cleaned and painted each room. 

The volunteers also supplied beautiful new dressers, window treatments and spruced up the bathrooms. It was all accomplished in two days -- while the family rooms were in use! The faces of the families radiated pride in the new rooms; and thankfulness for the care and love shown by Lifepoint volunteers.

Over the two-day period Lifepoint volunteers also prepared meals, provided continuous children’s activities, and donated new items including outdoor toys, bath towels & linens, and school snacks.

Thank you Lifepoint for being God’s hands and feet in caring for Brisben’s homeless! We at Brisben are grateful for your love and generosity.