Easter Baskets Galore!

Brisben staff gratefully accepted a multitude of Easter baskets, filled with candy and gifts, that were  prepared and delivered by generous supporters of Brisben's children and families.  The baskets were delivered to Brisben children who have been rehoused and to Brisben children who are still at the Center.

We thank the  individuals and groups who contributed to this fun part of Easter for Brisben's children:

Brock Road Elementary School Good News Club staff and students put together 35 Easter baskets filled with a variety of candy and toys. 

Amy Strickland's third grade class at Holy Cross Academy prepared fun baskets for the children.

She'rie Suggs from the Church of Christ in Fredericksburg provided 33 baskets..

And Lorisse Kechner put together big baskets of candy for all of our adult clients!

What blessings!