Need Shelter?

The Brisben Center is a safe and secure place where homeless individuals and families have their basic needs met 24 hours a day/365 days a year — safe shelter and a caring staff, a shower, a bed and food —at no cost.  Brisben Center clients often help our staff with some of the daily tasks of operating the Center and sometimes help each other.  Some of our staff members are also the Center’s best success stories!  

BUT Brisben Center offers more — it is a temporary platform with opportunities to regain your own housing, obtain a job, address your challenges, acquire new life skills and get a second chance. Please be aware that high demand means there is usually a wait to enter the Center.

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Our doors are open to anyone without regard to age, gender, race, color, creed, sexual orientation or national origin. 

Are you or the person you are helping experiencing a housing crisis or homeless?

CURRENTLY HOMELESS means that you or the person you are helping is sleeping in a car, sleeping outside, or sleeping in any other place not designed for or ordinarily used as a regular sleeping accommodation for human beings.

YES, I AM experiencing a housing crisis or I'm HOMELESS.

  • Please contact the The Brisben Center at (540) 899-9853 to speak to a staff member. You will need to answer some simple questions from the staff member on duty.  
  • The Brisben Center is open 24 hours a day so you may call at any time — this includes nights, weekends and all holidays.

Important Information

  • Please review the admission CRITERIA & EXPECTATIONS listed below.
  • Because of the demand there is often a wait to be admitted. We strongly encourage you to call the Center before making any plans.
  • You MUST be available to enter the Center when you are advised that there is an opening for you. 

Criteria & Expectations

Admission Criteria

  1. Must be at least 18 years old and homeless under the HUD definition.
  2. Must be physically and mentally capable of independently providing adequate care for yourself and any children in Brisben’s communal dormitory environment.
  3. Do not present a threat of harm or danger to yourself or others, including clients, volunteers, staff or the facility.


  1. Agree not to consume alcohol or use illegal substances at the Center.
  2. Willing to adhere to Center policies and staff direction as they pertain to facility operations, safety, security, and health matters; and obey applicable governmental regulations/laws.
  3. Willing to treat other clients, volunteers, staff and the facilities with respect.
  4. Willing to engage in case management services for housing and related matters. Actively participate in a housing stabilization plan.
  5. Willing to commit to overcoming housing barriers and returning to permanent housing as quickly as possible.