Meet Jonathan,  a determined young man, getting his life and family back.  He shares his story.

Trouble came in 2015.  Jonathan was addicted to opiates, he was stealing regularly to maintain his use. He was living in his car and in motels. Things culminated with his serving four months in jail, and then being released into nothing.  As he tells it he had no place to go, he had burned all his bridges, and his family was in no position to help.  He wanted to change his life, and needed shelter.  He prayed to God to change his life, give him shelter, food and another chance.

God answered. He headed for the cold weather shelter for a couple nights, where he heard about Brisben.  He knew he needed more than shelter at night, he wanted to get into Brisben for a foundation to start a new life and get a job.  Jonathan came to Brisben and described Brisben as “a unique life changing facility, where you can actually look for a job.” He explained Brisben supplies your most basic needs so you can look for work. Your belongings were safe, your bed secured, with meals and hot shower provided.  He was worshiping at St. George’s and praying to God for a job opportunity which came within days. His first work day in the new job was Christmas day.

He’s been clean for six months, has steady work and has his two daughters, Lilly-9 and Blossom 10, as well as their mother back in his life.  Jonathan summarized his recent life the following way; “jail to homeless, God in his life, to Brisben, to a full-time job and a positive attitude on life.”  He credits God for changing his life, and the Brisben Center for its assistance to him.  He explains, “God, through the center, provides me with a place to sleep, a shower and food.  That gives me strength to go out and look for work, and go to work every day.”   Jonathan states, “God and the center gave me energy, self-esteem, courage and the self-discipline to better myself.”

Jonathan shared his thoughts about what he would tell others coming into Brisben, “find God and he will provide the rest, stay on the straight and narrow and you’ll have a new outlook on life.”