Brisben Perspectives — Meet Diane

Diane was a temporary Brisben resident who is full of a joy for life, a positive attitude and a strong faith in God. She was a longtime George Washington University employee and a homeowner and never expected to be homeless. Layoffs and a lost job eventually led to the loss of her residence and childhood home of 50 years. 

A longtime Fredericksburg resident, Diane first discovered Brisben when she volunteered at the Center. She certainly didn't expect to need Brisben as a temporary residence. She commented that most of the things in our lives are out of our control, but not out of God’s control. 

Diane Miller.JPG

Upon arrival she was determined to maintain her faith, keep a positive attitude and hang on to her joy. She was confident that God had a plan and she knew everything was temporary.  Diane decided she was going to make the best of her situation. She stated, “where would I be if not for Brisben as an alternative. They take care of you and provide what you need.”

While at Brisben she daily displayed her joy, positive attitude and faith in God to all she encountered. Whether in the dorm or in the community space, she has been a friend to many and a “grandmother” to several of the children and their mothers. Diane stated she's glad that she's touched some lives at Brisben and encouraged them to believe in themselves and never give up on their goals. She wistfully comments it will be hard leaving the people at Brisben.

Diane would share the following advice with new residents coming through the doors, “Be positive and proactive. It's going to be alright. You'll make it.” She would tell that they made a good choice, to make the best of it, that God is still at work, and that Brisben will take care of you.

She said, "To Brisben’s volunteers and supporters: Kudos to those who cook and give their time. I thank them and I want them to know they are appreciated! Thank God for everyone that supports Brisben."

Diane will leave Brisben to be a 24-hour, in-home caregiver, with flexibility for other employment and access to Northern Virginia jobs.