Mobility Mentoring® Coaches work one-on-one with low-income program participants twice a month for a year. After 6 hours of initial training, they commit to 4-6 hours of 1:1 coaching per month. Mobility Mentoring®Coaches are compassionate, open to learning, know how to handle challenging situations, and eager to coach an adult program participant to establish a pathway to economic self-sufficiency. A volunteer application and background check is required. Trainings are offered on an ongoing basis. Click here to learn more about Mobility Mentoring® and for upcoming training dates.

The UCAN Club (Understanding Cooking and Nutrition)

The goal is to teach the families cooking and meal-planning skills they can take with them when they leave the shelter. Based on the assumption that families might not have access to a full kitchen once they leave, the classes will demonstrate how healthy meals can be made on a hot plate, in a crock pot or other implements that simply plug into a wall.

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The Brisben Center maintains full-time living quarters for 80 people: 20 for single women, 28 for single men, and 32 in eight family units, including children.  The average length of stay is 40-60 days. The shelter stays full or nearly full, serving those from across the Greater Fredericksburg region who have been displaced from their homes.