Perspectives: Joe

Joe is a former Brisben resident who voluntarily agreed to share his story to help others and to deliver a message that homelessness can hit anyone. Joe is college educated and he had a good job that paid well, a family, and a four-bedroom, two-bath home. He lost that job when ownership of the business changed. Joe was in his 50s and found it nearly impossible to replace his former income. Other life issues hit and he found himself in a long battle to avoid homelessness — a battle he never thought he would have to fight. A battle that eventually brought him to the Thurman Brisben Center. 

In this video, Joe shares a small part of his perspective on being a temporary resident of Brisben and how the Center and our community provided him with the support he needed to regain his independence and his own residence. Check back soon to see more of Joe’s and other's Perspectives.